How the
Program Works

All candidates in our 2024 cohort will gain access to an enriching program that encompasses educational webinars featuring accomplished entrepreneurs. These webinars will delve into crucial topics such as securing your inaugural sale, mastering effective business marketing, refining your company pitch to appeal to potential investors, and adopting best practices in accounting and law.

In addition to these valuable online resources, applicants will have the exclusive opportunity to attend in-person open house sessions. During these sessions, participants will receive exclusive access to mentorship opportunities from a diverse array of successful entrepreneurs.

Among the pool of applicants, eight exceptional finalists will be meticulously chosen to partake in our prestigious pitch competition scheduled for June 15th. This high-stakes event offers a chance to vie for impressive cash prizes totaling $10,000, along with other invaluable services in-kind.

Funding Opportunities
Pitch Compitition

Candidate companies will present their business to a room of judges, angel investors, and community leaders for a chance to win cash awards, as well as access one-on-one mentorship prior to the event. All finalists will also receive 5 hours of professional start-up support which includes access to limited coworking space and expert advisors from a variety of disciplines including accounting, business law, and marketing.